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N00B upgrading openwrt

TL;DR OpenWRT package ugrade, a.k.a. opgk --help <scroll,scroll,scroll>

for i in $(opkg list-upgradable|cut -d " " -f 1);do opkg install "$i";done

Voilà !

Dealing with non-technical people (at work)

Imaginary (yet very real) conversation with a "non technical"[5] person facing an IT problem v/s the standar IT nerd:

  • It's not working.
  • Did you reboot?
  • It's urgent.
  • Did you reboot?
  • Can you please come immediately, I really need to print this document.
  • Can you make a ticket describing the issue?

Let's make a break from this imaginary dialog. The conversation will usually go on and on until the user says the magic words that shield from responsability: "I'm not a technical person"

This is the moment when you win, forever. Don't waste it.

  • I'm not a technical person, I don't work in IT. I just need my problem to be fixed, dammit!

The first statement is a lie, and the second is (I hope) true. Maybe he's not simply lying, maybe the user is not aware of it technical skills.

  • You are not required to have IT skills for your role, so not having them is not an issue. You are -however- a skilled person that does a job that requires some sort of skills. The only thing we're asking you is to describe, as accurately as possible, the issue you are facing, to provide an overview of the impact it has on your current task.
  • But it's URGENT
  • Then, treat it as an emergency, don't waste your time. Imagine it's a highway accident, describe what you see and give as much information as you can, write it down on a ticket.

Bottom line: If you don't know how to deal with something, ask for help. Help does not mean that someone will do it for you. Not knowing how to do something does not mean you are not technical

[5] The forementioned persone may not be technical as in the engineering sense, but has certainly a set of skills that can be considered as technical. A nurse, a lawyer, a manager are higly technical roles.

Trike project

This is the story of a guy that was getting tired of his bike due to intense lower back pain. After some research, he found that trikes could be the solution.

Here we go!

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Item details/specs total price quantity
bearings 6903 front hubs 20€ 2
square iron tube 40mm ext/1.5 thik 35€ 4m
square iron tube 30mm ext/1.5 thik 32€ 4m
arc welding stick 1.6 mm 50€ 200
20" front wheel disk hub 50€ 2
26" rear wheel 7 speed+disk hub 60€ 1
disk brake set mechanical tektro 0€ (45€) 3
disk brake 160mm 0€ (30€) 3
20" tire schwalbe marathon 0€ (40€) 2
26" tire schwalbe marathon 0€ (30€) 1

items @ 0€ come from recycled components real price in ()

Tips and tricks

  • average welding current 45A
  • paint often, it will avoid rust.

Tools used

  • Angle grinder
  • Drill
  • Arc welding machine
  • Metal saw

Adafruit's ultimate GPS logger

Today I tested Adafruit's ultimate GPS logger. As usual, it was well documented on Adafruit's site.

I took the first example from the tutorial and this was what I got:

Adafruit's ultimate GPS logger montage Adafruit's ultimate GPS logger montage

And here are the pictures from the soldering: 2014-04-23 16.58.08

2014-04-23 16.51.02

2014-04-23 16.50.55

2014-04-23 16.50.51